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Israel is the only Jewish state on Earth and home to more Jews than anywhere else in the world. This ancient country in the Middle East is bordered by the. There is only one Jewish state. The Arab Nations have started five wars and lost all of them. Israel defended itself each time and won. The Palestinian. 1/3 of Israelis Were Not Born In The Country One of the most interesting facts about Israel is that not all of the local residents (about two-thirds of the. 70 Fun Facts for 70 Years of Israel's Statehood · Cherry tomatoes were engineered in Israel. · Israel is the only county to have more trees today than it did All about Israel: Facts, figures & general Israel information at your fingertips ; Clothing for Israel · Israel currency – The New Israeli Shekel (NIS) ; Common. Israel is the only Jewish country, and Jews all over the world think of Israel as their spiritual home. Israel's population was million people in and.

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Israel is a country on the Asian continent (Asia). · Israel is also referred to as the State of Israel. · A native or resident of Israel is called an Israelis. 10 Weird Things You'll Only See in Israel · 1. Off-duty soldiers with weapons · 2. Bus stop libraries · 3. “I'm Jewish, wanna check?” printed men's underwear · 4. An exiled people's return home was unprecedented. Israel's Declaration of Independence marked the first time that an exiled people successfully returned to.

Facts about Israel; Sites and Attractions · 1. Israel is the same size as New Jersey · 2. The Dead Sea is the lowest point on Earth · 3. Israel has many of the. Most Interesting Facts about Israel · 1. It is the only country with more trees today than it did 50 years ago. · 2. More museums per capita can be found in this. Israel has more startups per capita than any other country in the world. In flat numbers, Israel has the second highest concentration worldwide of technology.

FAST FACTS · OFFICIAL NAME: State of Israel · FORM OF GOVERNMENT: Parliamentary Democracy · CAPITAL: Jerusalem · POPULATION: 8,, · AREA: 8, square miles . Israel admitted to United Nations as 59th member. Mass immigration from Europe and Arab countries. Adolf Eichmann tried and executed in Israel for his part. The State of Israel is the only Jewish nation in the modern period, and the region that now falls within its borders has a lengthy and rich history that dates.

10 Interesting Facts about Israel · 1. Largest Jewish State in the World · 2. Lowest point on the surface of Earth · 3. Country of art enthusiasts · 4. One of the. Israel is the cradle of the most prominent monotheistic religions since it is a holy place for Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Bahai, Druze and Samaritans. Israel's current healthcare system is only 23 years old. In , the country passed a new law called the national health insurance law, or “chok bituach briyut. Interesting facts on Israeli cities Israel is a small country with % of world population. Israel is know as one of the world leaders in the fields of.

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Israel is located in the Southern Levant, a region known historically as Canaan, the Land of Israel, Palestine and the Holy Land. In the early first millennium. Israel has become a regional economic and military powerhouse, leveraging its prosperous high-tech sector, large defense industry, and concerns about Iran to. 1. The Land of Israel Was Given to Abraham and His Children · 2. It Is Called the Holy Land · 3. It's the Top of the World · 4. There Are 4 Holy Cities · 5. First. Israel has the most museums per capita than any country in the world. Whether you are an art enthusiast or a history buff, Israel has a museum for you. We. Israel Is Known As The “Startup Nation” Israel has long been known as the “Startup Nation”, as it has the highest density of tech startups in the world. Some. From Israel's rich religious history and vibrant modern culture, to its delicious food and unique wildlife, "Interesting Facts About Israel" covers a diverse. majority of Israeli citizens are Jewish, Israel has a large Arab minority. Out of approximately million females aged 15 or older living in. Israel, about. Israel has the most museums per capita than any country in the world. Whether you are an art enthusiast or a history buff, Israel has a museum for you. We. Amazing Israel Facts · History of Israel – the land of the Jewish people is the only ancient civilization that has survived for more than years. · The. Israel Facts · Capital of Israel: Jerusalem · Government: Parliamentary Democracy · Official Language: Hebrew, Arabic, (English is widely spoken in all parts of.
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